How to Start Your Career in Product Management?

Suppose you want to start producing cleaning services products and you are tasked to start the business, how do you go about it? Products management deals with uncovering and understanding the current and potential needs of a customer and mapping them out to produce a product customer would love. Product managers aid decision making across teams of designers as well as developers by identifying the pain points of a customer.

Product managers don’t create a product individually as it is the work product, development team. A product manager clearly articulates customer problem areas and determines the scale of an issue and works to give the direction to be followed for product development.

When it comes to product management, there are different types. These include;

Customer-focused product management

The customer-focused product manager has a background in engineering or customer support. They are fully focused on the product and how it best serves a customer. They have a very good understanding of a product’s customer base, and they are externally and internally focused.

Business-focused product managers

Business-focused product managers mostly come from sales or sales management. Their main focus is on how to fund, develop, and ultimately improve a product, as well as the impact such a product has on business. These types of managers have a unique understanding of the product’s place in the market and can be found working on the product more than anything else.

Product Management Process

The product management process brings together product development, marketing as well as sales. It involves building a vision for a product and developing a strategy for product design, production as well as the way it will go to the market.

If you want to become a product manager, there are a couple of key skills you need to have.


As a product manager, you need to be clear in the way you communicate, both verbally and in writing. You must have a good understanding of how to communicate with your product developers and designers about what needs to be developed. This includes communicating the need for the product and all related details about the customer’s pain points on what they need to be solved.


As a product manager, you will need to be highly organized. This is because a lot of o work you will do will need to be detailed and systematic. You will have to manage and organize all the information given to you by product owners as well as customers and work towards developing efficient decision-making processes across various teams, and communicate the same to members of your team


As a product manager, you will need to be very methodical and extremely creative. Creativity is what will help you devise new ways of solving customer pain points and developing effective solutions that can solve the issues customers face. You will also need to come up with a clear strategy that can help you get a lot of things done. You will need to strategically contribute to the product vision and lifecycle as well as the product roadmap.

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