Scale Your Business by Making the Best Use of Your Team

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of things. In the beginning, you work for long hours, make big decisions, and give your team everything they need to succeed. However, at some point, you need to ease off lots of work on your desk so that you can concentrate on other tasks to scale your business. That is the same path founder followed until making the business to its current state, with good management and lots of delegation. This is where effective and strategic delegation comes in.

Delegation is not easy but it is very necessary. Here are some important tips you can incorporate to make delegation smooth and effective.

Choose the right tasks

Entrepreneurs who have built a business on their own often have hard times trusting others to carry out tasks on their behalf. When you look at it from that perspective, it becomes a risky thing to do. It is important to delegate tasks that take up your time, by not your powers. You can start by logging everything you do in a week and figure out the tasks that you can delegate. You can delegate tasks that you are not so great at, very urgent tasks, or those that you don’t have enough time to deliver on.

Try the 70 percent rule

You need to recognize that most entrepreneurs have a hard time letting go. If you find out a team member can perform the task at least 70 percent as well as you can do, then he becomes a prime candidate for delegation. You will only need to work with the team member on the remaining percentage on their perfection.

Pick the right person for the job

The successful delegation will happen when you pick the right person for the job. If you need to hire someone to take over programming functions, look for people who have those skill sets. If you want to delegate internally, evaluate the skills your team members have, and see who has the closest to what you want. Consider the personal career goals of your staff members and how their role within the company may evolve.

Communicate effectively

When you are asking a new team member to take a new task or responsibility, it is a good idea to start the conversation by expressing your confidence in their ability to complete the task you will be delegating to them. You need to delegate 100 percent of the responsibility for the task and not just pieces of the task. Doing so will make the employee feel more competent and have the confidence to handle the task at hand.

Invest in teaching and training

You can put your team in the most suitable situation to deliver on any task by ensuring you invest in their development and give them the resources needed for their success. Call them to watch as you deliver a task and let them learn from you. Trust them on the tasks you delegate to them and correct them when they make mistakes. When a project is complex, ensure you walk them through the whole process so that they can deliver to expectations.

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