6 Ecommerce Software Features

Ecommerce is a thriving business. Billions are spent every year online. With new products coming to market every year, there is still a lot of room for new online retailers. When you are considering starting an online retailer website, one important consideration is finding Ecommerce software. To help you with that, we are looking at 6 Ecommerce software features.

Customer Tracking

Ecommerce software can do more than just show your products and let people buy them. They can also add to your overall marketing strategy. For example, database tracking can be used to show certain customers specials on full figure intimates they’ve already looked at. This allows a company like @AngeliqueLingerie to target and track to increase conversion rates.


They can tell you a lot about your customers, even if they don’t make a purpose. They can track things like how many visitors you get, exactly which products they look at, and which ones they buy. Knowing how customers interact with your online store can help you increase conversions of web visitors into sales.

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Building a Remarkable Website to Showcase Your Real Estate Firm

There are many industries that have embraced the internet revolution over the last two decades. Real estate is one of these industries. You are hard pressed to find a real estate agent that isn’t online right now.


Did You Know? Marketing your firm online has come a long way in the last decade. Take this Arizona Real Estate Firm for instance. They used to only be listed in the Yellow Pages, and they had to take clients around to different houses. Now, they can market their Chandler homes for sale online, give virtual tours, and even show clients homes that may be in communities that are farther away, like Gold Canyon homes for sale that are a ways out there.

You don’t have to take tours of houses anymore because you can take virtual tours online. If you are new to real estate or haven’t created an online presence yet then there are many things to consider. We want to help you by explaining how to go about building a remarkable website to showcase your real estate firm.

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How Prosper Peer-to-Peer Loans Work

If you are trying to either get a loan for yourself or for your business, then you know that traditional banks and other financial institutions have changed their requirements. These changes have made it much more difficult to get a traditional loan. Lucky for you and the rest of us, there are more non-traditional loans available than ever before. This is why we wanted to take a few minutes to explain how Prosper Peer-to-Peer loans work.


The best place to start is explaining what this type of lending is. It is built on the same technique that many startup businesses have used for decades, getting loans from people you know. It’s an age old practice to fund new businesses by getting loans from friends and family.

Peer-to-Peer lending brought this to the next level. You are no longer required to go “hat in hand” to people that you know. This can lead to many problems. This type of lending works on the concept of getting loans from individual investors but doesn’t require you to know the people at all. It only requires you to use a service that is meant to bring potential borrowers and investors together.

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Acing eCommerce: Two Ways to Properly Maximize Your Shopping Cart Solution

How do the pros rake in ecommerce profits day after day? The ecommerce industry, like any other industry, has its own “secret code” of best practices that it pays to get more familiar with and actually study.


After investing in a powerful ecommerce solution, you’re now ready to bring the best shopping experience to your customers. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do this but it has to be done if you want to make the most out of your subscription. Settling into a platform that allows for easy customization is key.

Ecommerce platforms, like Pinnacle Cart, are highly recommended for both beginners and advanced users.

The latter, for example, is easy to install and even easier to customize. In short, you can tweak the platform until you get the look and feel that will rake in maximum profits. However, powerful shopping cart infrastructure still needs to be paired with effective customer engagement.

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4 Apps That Can Help You Find Your Next New House

Finding the next perfect place to live can certainly make stress run higher and make your life miserable. Searching for a new house means you need to navigate overwhelming phone listings, fees, contracts, application and endless showings.

Are you looking for a house or planning a new move? You probably know that this process is completely stressful from the search, buying and up to the move itself. The good thing is that the world has revolutionized in the past decade.


With the help of internet and reliable applications, finding a new house is now a breeze. Stay on top of your house hunt and find the perfect abode with the help of apps and blogs. The emergence of apps that can help you find your next new house is a clear indication that modern technology has made every aspect of individuals’ lives easier.

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3 Best Apps to Help You Relax and Alleviate Stress

There’s a new device developed by the HeartMath Institute called the emWave2. It’s not a mobile app, but it does work to sync up with your computer. It’s been featured here, here and here.

Who wouldn’t like to be happy? If it’s only possible, everyone would just like to be happy and live a stress-free life. However, since this can never be possible in real life as problems and challenges are part of living, what people do to hang on and survive is to find ways to gain happiness and find relief from their sufferings.


Finding happiness is not all about having lots of money, getting married to the richest man in town or having the most voluptuous body. People have long realized this fact as they get all the stresses and preoccupations in today’s fast-paced, demanding, and pressuring world. Do you like to know how most people cope? Smartphones are one way.

As the name suggests, smartphones are smart gadgets that let you do many things like playing games, watching movies, shopping, visiting social media, reading news, and more. And with the advancement of technology, applications turn into a must. Applications, which are called apps for short, come in wide range of uses.

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Incorporating Online Marketing for Your Business

Money is out of the story if you want to reach customers and potential customers through the web since it is never expensive to effectively reach your target market online. What you only need in here is a matter of strategy and commitment. Through effective online or internet marketing, you can build an effective reputation online that will then lead to your success in the online aspect of your business.


If you want to incorporate online marketing into your business right away, you should now start including online marketing strategies to your overall marketing plan. Internet marketing should now be part of your incorporated approach. How can you do this? Think about digital media.

Digital media is now the popular means to inform the Phoenix market that you exist as well as to allure people to purchase your products and services. The web is a very powerful, cost effective vehicle that will drive you toward your focus market. You should consider the following topics for your overall online marketing strategy.
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